Putting the Tech into Cybersecurity Policy: A Workshop for Social Science and Legal Scholars


Putting the Tech into Cybersecurity Policy: A Workshop for Social Science and Legal Scholars

June 19-22, 2023

This 4-day workshop is for social scientists and legal scholars working on cybersecurity policy. Its intent is to provide an introduction to the technical aspects of cybersecurity, including hardware, software, networking, and cryptography. This will be from both, a hands-on, practical perspective, as well as a theoretical one. Participants will learn not only how computers and networks function but will also practice and discuss actual attacks in hands-on labs. The workshop will then link these technical topics to key policy challenges.

The workshop is meant to help scholars of cybersecurity to better understand the fundamental technical underpinnings of their field, enabling them to apply a technical lens to their research projects. This workshop is aimed at PhD candidates (3rd year and up), law students (2L and 3L), post-docs, and junior faculty who are working on the social, policy, and legal aspects of IT and information security implications. Thanks to the generosity of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, we are able to provide attendees with transportation, lodging, and meal costs (we will ask attendees to keep flights within our cost guidance). We will handle hotel bookings, adding attendees to room blocks we have arranged.

Applications are due to joshua.anderson@tufts.edu by March 15, 2023. For logistical questions about the application, please contact joshua.anderson@tufts.edu. For questions regarding the content and programming of this event, contact laurin.weissinger@tufts.edu.

The workshop schedule will be announced as soon as possible, but the program will run from 8:30 am June 19 to early afternoon on June 22.